Workbench Upgrade
22nd January 2020
A significant upgrade to my workspace and tools

It’s a workbench!!!

After a lot of work and a LOT of help my new workbench has gone from idea, to schematic (made in SketchUp), to functional piece of furniture and I’m very excited about it! I was going to wait to post photos until I was all the moved in to the new bench, but that’s taking a while as I fuss over organizational details so I just decided to post now even though it’s still a bit of a mess.

Many, many thanks to David Keller without whose woodworking tools, space, experience, and help this project wouldn’t be anything like as nice as it is. Further thanks to Margaret McGrew for being my assembly helper and Jørgen Tjernø for helping with some last minute lifting when I decided to adjust the height of the workbench itself. Y’all are wonderful and have helped make me very happy!