Sparkle Barbarian
18th September 2019
A sparkle barbarian costume centered around a glowing helmet

I was unpacking a spool of armature wire, which comes packaged as a double spiral, when a wonderful accident happened. As I grabbed each end an began to pull the spiral apart it formed into a perfect horn shape that fit around my head almost perfectly. Clearly, whatever else I was intending to make (as I write this I can’t even remember) couldn’t possibly be half as cool as these perfect horns. So I completely abandoned my other project and immediately pivoted to making a foam helmet with horns. Glowing horns. Glowing, wiggly, horns. Then I covered it with some holographic sequin fabric that was lying around the house.

After that, my path was clear. I had to make a full Sparkle Barbarian outfit. What other choice did I have?